Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ruts in the driveway tell me spring is here

One thing I don't like about living in the country is the mud. As soon as the snow melts our driveway turns to mud. I'm not talking nice little mud puddles but the type of mud that will suck in a vehicle in 2 seconds flat. Each day we have to leave the house we pray that the Lord will keep our vehicle in the tracks that have already been made. The mud tries to pull us in one direction or another but we're safe as long as we stay the course.

This is a lot like life. The evil one will try to pull us in one direction or another, tempting us with what the world has to offer. Without the Lord, it would be so easy to veer off the course and into the mud hole. But like driving our vehicles through the mud, we'll be safe as long as we stay the course and keep our eyes on Jesus.


  1. AMEN, Cyn!!!! Don't look to the left or to the right, just straight ahead and on Jesus all the way! I love how you see spiritual lessons even in your muddy driveway! Love you!!!


  2. What a sweet post, Cyndy. I feel so sorry for you. . .you guys are like pioneers.

    Happy Tuesday
    from Roberta Anne

  3. Great analogy! Sometimes we need to fill those ruts with rocks....just like filling our life with the rock of our salvation to keep us from sinking too!

  4. Glad to see you back and you are okay beyond the mud. ~Athella