Monday, March 9, 2009

The death of a pet

This is a picture of my youngest daughter and her rabbit Romeo. We came home from church yesterday and Julianna found him dead in his cage. We don't know what happened; as far as we know he wasn't even sick. The cry of pain that I heard coming out of her as she raced upstairs is not something that I will soon forget. We have 3 dogs and 3 cats but Romeo was Julianna's bunny. She fed and watered him and cleaned his cage. She'd sit on her bed with him in her lap and they'd listen to music for hours. She'd bring him upstairs to visit with the rest of the family and he'd watch TV with us. He was a member of our family.
Julianna asked me if Romeo was in heaven and without hestitation, I said absolutely. I believe that there are animals in heaven because I take the Word of God literally. Jesus told His disciples that He was going to prepare a place for them in heaven and a place for anyone in my family would include animals. So, I'm taking it on faith that there will be animals there for us to love. That didn't take away Julianna's pain by any means but it did make it a little easier to handle. Believing that Romeo is with Jesus assures Julianna that he's happy. That's something we all have to look forward to some day.


  1. Cyn:

    I am so sorry. I could not believe how she was crying, the desperation in her voice. Tell Julianna I am praying for her and that I believe Romeo is in heaven too.

    Roberta Anne

  2. You poor thing and you precious deaughter.I think most of us know the pain of losing a beloved animal.I know I do,too well.
    And I'm completely with you.All my animals are playing with Jesus right now waiting on me to get there.
    I used to rescue birds.Ae one time,I had 45.I am too old and too tired to do that any longer.But I have 23 right now,left from those 45.
    I have had birds come to live with me that only lived hrs.I had them get there with only 1 wing,or only 1 leg.Who knows what these precious animals have gone through.
    But there is not a shadow of a doubt in my mind when I die they will fly to meet me.And I will continue to,as my niece calls me,"CARE TAKER OF LITTLE WINGS".
    Yes mom,you tell your precious little girl her baby is in heaven.And she will see her again someday.
    And it's totally NONE of my business.You know that,but please think about another one.Please.It will NECER be the same,but it will ease her misery....Ann

  3. Hi Cyn,
    Your precious daughter is in my thoughts and prayers today, we have lost pets and it is so difficult, my sons and I would cry for days. I
    am so very sorry. God bless and hug her even more today.

  4. Thank all of you for your kind words. Sending her off to school this morning was the hardest thing I've had to do in a long time.
    Ann, we will be getting another rabbit for Julianna. There's a man who sells them in our town every spring right around Easter.

    Samantha, I'll be sure to give her an extra 2 (or 200) hugs today.

    Your prayers are appreciated more than you'll ever know this side of heaven.

  5. Hello Cyn...

    Ohhh no! I'm so sorry to hear about Julianna's bunny! These pets become such a part of us and our's hard to lose them! I'll be praying for your Julianna...I'm just sure that we'll share heaven with our pets...and that she'll see her little Romeo bunny again!!!

    Warmest wishes,