Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Flood

This is a picture taken just down the road from us. The water you see is actually supposed to be their front yard. Their driveway is washed out and they can't reach the house to continue working on it. Fortunately they're not living in it yet.
This is just one example of the flooding that is occurring all over my town and the entire state of North Dakota. In the western part of the state there's a blizzard with up to 2 feet of snow expected.

But, through it all, I know that God is with us. I can see Him in the faces of all the volunteers that are sandbagging, filling sandbags and bringing food to the volunteers. I can see Him in the optimism and high spirits of people who are facing possible devestation. Thank you Lord for your protection.


  1. How frightening. I continue in prayer for all that are affected by these weather conditions.

    Please be safe ...

  2. I am so glad you are on high ground.

    Roberta Anne

  3. My heart aches for the pain so many of your neighbors are experiencing. I am so very thankful you and your family are on high ground and safe. I am praying for God's provision and protection for all and for His wisdom in dealing with the situations as they arise.

    Stay safe....love you!