Monday, March 2, 2009

Learning what God has for me

God has shown me in the past few weeks that while He doesn't always answer prayer in the way that I would like, He is always with me and gives His strength to help me through whatever I may be facing.
Sounds pretty simple doesn't it? So why has it taken me so long to fully understand it? How many times has God shaken His head and wondered "what's up with that woman?"
The good news is that He has infinite patience and will lovingly teach us what we need to learn. Lord, thank you for being patient with me.


  1. Yipee!!

    Welcome to the world of blogging!!! I will be glad to help you with anything you want to learn to do.

    Have a Wonderful Day
    from Roberta Anne

  2. Welcome Cyndy! I know you're going to enjoy this. It has made such a difference in my life. I have met some wonderful ladies whom I now love dearly! Don't feel obligated to post, just let your heart lead you. It is so therapeutic for me, I know it will be for you as well. I'm so excited that you have joined us in Bloggy Land!!!